Hiker Practice

A Jefferson High School teacher was lost for four days off of the Appalachian Trail after breaking his leg.

Will Henderson was hiking the trail starting in Georgia with the hope of completing the entire trail.

Henderson had been hiking for ten days and was in Tennessee when he ventured off the trail and found himself lost. He then tried to cross a stream and slipped, breaking his leg.

As an experienced hiker, Henderson was equipped with enough food to help him through the four days it took for Henderson to crawl back to the trail.

Henderson took off his pack and pushed it in front of him as he crawled along.

Being lost in the woods, one would think Henderson would fear being stranded forever, however, Henderson had no doubt he would be found.

“I never doubted that I would be found. I got discouraged sometimes, but I figured that and thought if I could get back to a trail… somebody would come along before long.”

The odds of Henderson being found if he had stayed where he was were very small.

Henderson is endlessly grateful for those who found him, both the man who stayed with him and the man who went for help.

Henderson warns hikers not to hike off the main trail alone.

“I broke the first rule of hiking, of course. I hiked alone.”

Once his leg recovers, Henderson still hopes to hike the entire trail, from Georgia to Maine.