iOS Mobile Apps

Difference — defer to content (functionality, defer to user’s content, translucent elements help users see that more content is available, and can signal transience.)

Clarity — provide clarity (use plenty of negative space to make important content and functionality more noticeable and easier to understand, negative spaces also impart a sense of calm and tranquility, and it can make an app look more focused and efficient, a key colour highlights important state information and subtly indicates interactivity, it also gives an app a consistent visual theme, ensure legibility by using system font, embrace borderless buttons, a borderless button uses context, colour, and a call-to-action title to indicate interactivity.)

Depth — use depth to communicate (display content in distinct layers that convey hierarchy and position, and that help users understand the relationships among onscreen objects)

  1. Starbucks App

2. TD Canada Trust App

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