Chapter 5 Assignment

The site I chose to write about and explore a bit more is Gym Shark. When first getting to the website the user sees a picture of a man who seems very in the zone. He is handsome and in top notch shape with a chiseled jaw line. The background, which is a gym with a full set of weights, is blurred out to focus in on the man because he is wearing a black and gray gym shark workout shirt. The man is shifted to the right side of the screen, and on the left are the words “SEAMLESS STEALTH.” written in white. The words are bold and big. This shows that he is not messing around; it also gives off sort of an intimidation factor. The gym apparel is smooth and helps one have a clever way of moving about and being efficient in the gym. The user is automatically drawn in because if you are a man and see this when first visiting the site then you want to look like this man. The male user now has motivation to go browse through the rest of the men’s clothing because “wearing this type of apparel will help me look like him”. On the flip side, if you are a woman visiting this site then you too are automatically drawn in and hooked on the site because the man is attractive, simple as that. There is a white arrow to the right side of the screen. The arrow is bold and against a black background so it is easy to detect. When clicking on the arrow it switches the screen over. On the next screen is a woman smiling and clothed in a pink workout tank top. The backdrop is white and the words “UP THE TEMPO…” are written in bold black font. The woman looks in her early-mid-twenties. She is smiling. She has her hair down. The backdrop being white gives a crisp, fresh and clean feel to the site; whereas the man’s picture was more work hard, train harder and intimidation factor. The man had a crisp and fresh feel too, but not as lighthearted as the woman. The woman looks more of a yoga/flexible body type rather than a weightlifter. This is a stark contrast from the image of the male. I think this works for the site because there is a sense of rhythm and consistency with colors. Black and white are the sites primary background colors which I would keep as the new CEO because like I already said it creates a fresh and crisp feel/look to the user and brand of the company. However, I think it would do the site good to add an image of a woman weightlifting body type as well. A woman who is focused and in the zone, perhaps lifting weights. This would give the same dedication feel as the man’s image. The current woman’s image is good but creates more of a “workout and be happy” tone rather than a intimidation tone. As new CEO I would voice that woman also like to come across as intimidating in the gym so adding a new picture to our page like that would draw in more woman users who are down to business in the gym. Aside from the images on the site’s homepage are tabs that say Mens, Womens, and Accessories in smaller bold, black font against a white background. Running the mouse over the words gives the option of what type of clothing the user wants to look at under those tabs. This creates a user-friendly aspect to the site. Clicking on the tab in general will take you to a new screen. Say for instance the user clicks on the women’s tab. The new screen will have an image of a woman clothed in each article of clothing. The images highlight that article of clothing. There is new releases, sports bras, shorts, and leggings. The site makes it known that by clicking on the image will take the user to the specific article of clothing. The tone of the images is appropriate because the user is focused on finding new workout clothes, for this reason the user will not view these images as inappropriate or too revealing. The user can click on a specific item of clothing he/she likes and the image will appear bigger with different angles of the specific item of clothing. There is a zoom feature which helps see the style and material of the clothing better. There is an option to buy the article of clothing in different colors. Underneath that is the size option and QTY option. All very user friendly. Then underneath that is product info which gives the user a detailed description of the product. For example the shorts have deep front pockets, adjustable waist band, raised curved hem, and 100% cotton. Also there is a size guide with UK and US sizes which makes it very easy for the user to buy a product. Instead of having to take measurements they can buy based on their pants size. Underneath the size guide is the name of the shorts, for example there are Gymshark Sprint Running Shorts. At the bottom there is a description for what these shorts are best used for and what body type they are best for. This gives the user a sense of what to buy and what not to buy. There is a good market strategy here with it being at the bottom of the page because some users will not scroll down so they will just buy the product without seeing what and whom it is most useful for. However, as new CEO I would move this description of the product towards the top of the page so the user will automatically see it and that way will get the best bang for their buck. Overall site organization is great and so are the page layout. The contrast of black and white is pleasing to the eye and neat. The site does this throughout so they are consistent. Their quality of writing goes along with the workout mentality by using words such as sleek, slim, sprint, cool and calm, tapered fit, form, range of motion, fitting, etc. The tone of the website is definitely apparent with workout gear and the seriousness in the models’ faces. The serious and determined tone is created for this reason: when it is gym time, it is time to put in hard work not play time.

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