How To Choose The Best South Sea Pearl Jewelry

Jewelry is the one of the precious accessories that everyone wants to wear. It is available in various kinds that some people like opal jewelry, gemstone jewelry and some go with the pearls. It varies person to person, but the pearl is the most beautiful element that adds more value in the jewelry. To make sure that you get the best south sea pearl jewelry, read out the essential qualities of pearls available in the market.

Examine the Quality: There are several factors through which you can find out the best quality of pearl. Some of them are mentioned below:

1. Color: The first thing you can notice about a pearl is its color as every pearl varies according to its color. You have to pay attention on two things, the body color and the overtone color. The overtone color is the sheen of the pearl, and the body color is the primary hue of the pearl.

· Always check a pearl’s color against white backdrop.

· For examine the pearl’s color use diffused full-spectrum light.

2. Look at the sheen: Like color of the pearl, the sheen related the shine of the pearl. The shinier a pearl, the more it is in value. While checking the shine of a pearl, observe how closely the reflection resembles a mirror and how much light it reflects.

· Sheen of a pearl is easily checked in a round pearl whereas it is difficult in a baroque pearl.

· Examine the whole pearl to make sure that the shine is same in entire pearl.

3. Examine the surface perfection: It is very rare that the pearl is entirely rounded, most are of lumpy, off-round or some are with surface imperfections. You can check each pearl by its surface because there may be lumps, grooves or small marks on the surface of the pearl that shows presence of other foreign bodies.

4. Size: Another important factor is the size of the pearl, it shows the type of conditions it was grown. Larger pearls are always more valuable than smaller ones because they are much rare.

5. Shape: Pearls are available in many different sizes but round one is most valuable because they are most difficult to form. Pearls are found in oval, off round, round, drop, button and baroque etc shapes.

By examine all the above factors you can purchase an affordable pearl jewelry of your desired choice.