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Concerns After Texas School Opens ‘Prayer Room’ That’s Attracting Muslim Students (From NPR news)

Attorney general = 司法部長(US)


美國聯邦檢察長(The attorney-General of the United States)
美國聯邦檢察官是隸屬於聯邦政府行政部門,獨立於聯邦法院之外,美國聯邦檢察長(The attorney-General of the United States)是屬於行政官性質,而我國檢察官依據法院組織法規定是將檢察官放在對應於法官的位置,我國檢察官不像美國檢察官,可全然被歸為行政官性質,而是一個具有獨立又複雜的職務,是參雜著司法官性質以及行政官性質。
州檢察長(State Attorneys General)

constitutional = 憲法的

The attorney general has raised constitutional questions about….

debate = 辯論

embroil = 使..捲入糾紛

embroiled the community

school district = 學區


A school district is a form of special-purpose district which serves to operate local public primary and secondary schools, for formal academic or scholastic teaching, in various nations.

faith = 信心,信念,信仰

My faith in God. To live out their faith.

hijab = 穆斯林頭巾

A hijab is a veil traditionally worn by Muslim women in the presence of adult males outside of their immediate family, which usually covers the head and chest.

mosque = 伊斯蘭教參拜所

A mosque (/mɒsk/; from Arabic: مسجد‎‎ masjid) is a place of worship for followers of Islam. Masjid Al Haram, the world’s largest and most sacred mosque.

synagogue =猶太教堂

A synagogue, also spelled synagog (pronounced /ˈsɪnəɡɒɡ/)is a Jewish house of prayer.

tabernacle = 臨時居所, 帳篷, 大禮拜堂, 猶太神堂

The Tabernacle, according to the Hebrew Bible, was the portable earthly meeting place of God with the children of Israel from the time of the Exodus from Egypt through the conquering of the land of Canaan.

taxpayer =納稅人

ethnicity = 種族性, 種族特點 denomination = 教派

the fact or state of belonging to a social group that has a common national or cultural tradition.(Google translation)
I assure you that that room is accessible to all students of all denominations, all walks of faith, all cultures, all ethnicities.

designate 指定

Churches are designated on the map by crosses.

tenant 房客

Do you own the house or are you a tenant?

oppressive=殘酷的, 暴虐的

you guys aren’t exactly supporting an oppressive nation.

perception 理解, 認識

And hopefully that can sort of alter the perception that we see today.
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