How To Make Cash Off Leasing A Car in San Francisco

This sounds counterintuitive especially in San Francisco, but thanks to the sharing economy and new initiatives, it totally works!

  1. Do your research and get a plug-in hybrid. In the state of California, there are plenty of rebates for new hybrids. I got a Ford C-Max which is $1500.
  2. Name your own price. Do not check your price on True Cars . It is full of sh*t. According to that website, a lease of a Ford C-Max goes for a monthly payment of $468 for 12,000 miles per year. I was able to get a Ford C-Max for a monthly payment of $223 including tax and zero down.
  3. Ignore the Sticker Price. Seriously. 50% off of $1,000 is still $500. Dealers do this everyday. You don’t. They are not your friend. Just go in there and call out what the car is worth to you. Also, you live in San Francisco, no one gets cars here, and they are desperate for your business. Leverage that.
  4. Negotiate. Go in there near the closing hour. If they close at 9, call in at 8pm and be there at 8:50pm. Do that a couple times, and you would be sure to get the price you want. Also, call the dealer everyday and get his/her cellphone number so you could text him/her daily. Tell them this: I am ready to sign, if the car is at $____[name your own price here].
  5. Get Metromile. Since you live in SF, you probably won’t drive so often. Metromile could totally save you money. Also, if you so happen to put your car on Getaround, as explained at #7, you could track your renters’ miles and charge them for over mileage. The user friendly dashboard makes it possible to track remotely how many miles your renters used.
  6. Get the Uber referral credit. Last month, it was $600 to sign up as Uber driver. So I was up there and finished my first 20 rides by the end of November. Do I plan to drive for Uber again? Maybe only during surge pricing. But the first 20 rides+referral code made me about $700. I believe this month, the referral gets $750 and the driver gets $200. Here is my referral code if you need it during bonus referral: akpb47c4n
  7. Put your car on Getaround. A great concept of making money off your car when you are not driving it. Getaround guarantees $6,000 earning within the first 12 months in certain area codes of San Francisco. Do it!

Enjoy your new car today on the road of SF!