Calling All Coincidences

“Expect nothing; live frugally on surprise.” — Alice Walker

Have you ever emailed someone at the exact same time they emailed you? As you hit send a on a well-crafted letter . . . POOF! A message from them has arrived at exactly the same time, already waiting in your inbox.

This happened to me with my dad the other day, at around 8pm on a Saturday night (a somewhat odd time to be emailing in the first place). But it gets better . . . we both mentioned randomly out of the blue — in our separate, simultaneous emails — that we had purchased books on plant intelligence. Wow, what a coincidence! So imagine my double surprise when I realized two days later that they were by the same author! If you are curious, the books are Plant Intelligence and The Lost Language of Plants.

What about when . . .

  • You are reading a book (or a subway sign) and a song lyric plays that matches the exact word you just read?
  • When you meet the exact person you need to in order to advance a new project?
  • When you run into someone in an elevator that you met in passing years ago and it is the perfect time to reconnect?
  • When you make a note to call someone and they call or text you later that day?
  • A book practically leaps off the shelf (or your Amazon wishlist) for you to read next
  • When you stumble upon a new author or blogger and feel overwhelmed with familiarity and resonance?
  • When a friend asks for advice on the exact struggle you’re dealing with or just went through?
  • Or maybe, as you hear yourself giving advice for your friend’s situation, you realize it’s exactly what you need to hear and do right now?

Here’s one more personal example: I have used monthly Moleskine planner notebooks for over two years now, one for each month. I carry them with me everywhere. I have cycled through 25 in two years without ever losing one. Then after returning from Bali, I lose my planner! And get called for Jury Duty . . . at the same time that I’m feeling not-quite-ready to return to my old way of working.

Instead, I have dropped almost all plans and now have the space to let much more wisdom and spirituality in. Is it a coincidence? Sure. But it also makes me laugh at how accurately what is happening in our inner world gets reflected in the outer one.

Your Body-Brain is Enormous

“People with high levels of personal mastery do not set out to integrate reason and intuition. Rather, they achieve it naturally — as a byproduct of their commitment to use all the resources at their disposal. They cannot afford to choose between reason and intuition or head and heart, any more than they would choose to walk on one leg or see with one eye.”
— Peter Senge

I dove into the deep end of practicing intuition this month, and the results have been incredible. I have always had a sneaking suspicion that most of us are only using about 5 to 10 percent of our available intelligence/body wisdom/consciousness at any given moment. Now I *know* that to be true, at least for me.

Once I started paying attention to intuition, instinct, and coincidences, I realized intuition is like a radio station that is always playing. It’s just that we miss that majority of its messages because our headphones aren’t plugged in.

Before I had tuned in about 10% of the time, and now I realize there was so much more that I was missing!! With practice, the more I stay curious throughout the day and pay attention — let’s say around 70% now given my current intuition muscle-building efforts — the faster and more furiously the messages arrive. They are fascinating, delightful, and endlessly fun!

I’ve written before about the science behind the very large, sophisticated brains in your heart and gut. But you don’t need science to know and viscerally experience what I am saying as true.

The three biggest catalysts that have created an intuition snowball for me are:

  1. Meditation
  2. Paying attention and staying curious throughout the day; having fun with it!
  3. Writing down whatever I notice, however big or small

So . . .

Talk to Me!

You have homework! I would LOVE for you to be an observer for the next few days . . . what random coincidences occur? What does your intuition tell you to do or drop? What serendipitous events or meetings occur? Stay curious!

Then I would love for you to tell me in the comments: what was the coolest thing you noticed? The most surprising? Big or small, silly or profound . . . nothing is off limits!

I’m having fun with my own coincidences, but I know that by sharing ours collectively we will amass a fascinating bucket of gold nuggets for us all to delight in. A feast of wisdom!