What do you daydream about?

What do you daydream about? When you procrastinate, what do you do instead of what you should be working on? If you didn’t care what “they” might think, or how you would earn money, what would you be most interested in pursuing?

What subject matter has grabbed you lately, to the point where you can’t stop thinking, talking or dreaming about it?

How do you learn?

Some people love learning from podcasts, others from up-close-and-personal trial and error, others from mentors in-person, the list goes on.

Books (and the authors that pen them!) are my favorite teachers. I feel drawn to subject areas even when there is not a rational explanation or direct correlation to my work. When I finish a book, I seem to serendipitously land on the next one I need to further my studies. I read anywhere from two to five books a month, often following similar unfolding themes, as if I’m being guided to get a new de-facto Masters degree each year.

This year has taken me through a course in astronomy, intuition, frequency, Buddhism, mindfulness, independent living, and now astrology. Astrology?! Yes, I am riveted by it! Inspired by my good friend Jenn Racioppi, for the last two weeks I have gone to bed thinking about it, dreaming about it, and every morning I wake up eager to read and learn more.

As I wrote in my latest behind-the-business newsletter, “As a Libra Sun (my birth sign), Virgo Rising (personality expression, sign we mature into) and Scorpio Moon (emotions and habits), I *love* the systematic study of people’s innermost personality traits and areas of greatest potential.”

Balancing Our Career Scales

Many of us are living in (at least) two career worlds:

  1. What and how we earn a living, and how that is reflected back to us by others — what “they” (our friends, family and society) think; what feels most secure and accepted
  2. Our inner world — the type of learning and subject matter that sparks insatiable curiosity; what grabs us and won’t let go, who we find ourselves admiring or wishing we could have a cup of coffee with

When these two words are integrated, we live a happy, powerful, purpose-driven existence.

When we lean too heavily on the first and keep the second secret, or worse — stop ourselves from exploring it at all — we feel disjointed, stalled, and confused.

In our culture of striving, ambition, goal-setting and conquering, we often prioritize what “they” will think, or what will most directly bring us financial wealth, rather than trusting in the what the latter has to offer in tandem.

Let’s take blogging as an example, since I know many of you have blogs or think you should have one!

I haven’t posted here in almost one month. Conventional blogging wisdom would tell me I should post at least twice a week. I could also add fuel to this fire by berating myself, saying, “I should post this week! What will they think if I don’t? Will they think I am lazy or inconsistent? I should stop pursuing the things that are bringing me joy and force myself to sit down at the computer instead.”

But my inner guide had a different message: “Don’t sweat it. Write when you have something to say. Soak up all this learning, and you will feel compelled to write and share again when you have something meaningful to add to the conversation. Write when ideas are ripe for the picking, don’t force them to be ready. Nobody cares how often you write, they care about the meaning and impact when you do.”

Let’s put these two approaches to the test:

  • How many of you are here reading because I faithfully post twice a week? (Hate to disappoint you, but that ship sailed years ago!)
  • How many you are here because you resonate with what I have to say, and find at least a majority of it helpful in some way?

Know Thyself and Stay Curious

What is a brass-tacks business and career strategist like myself doing studying intuition and astrology at the moment? I have no clue. I really don’t know how they will come to fruition publicly with my work . . . if ever. Maybe they will stay inside as personal tools to understand myself and help my coaching clients do the same. Or maybe they will be woven into my more public writing and speaking someday too.

I am not sure yet, and I am not attaching to the outcome. But I am following the massive surge of energy with enthusiasm and commitment. I trust that following my inner guide will continue to lead me forward, just as it always has.

What rabbit holes have you followed lately?