Image Credit: Wonil Suh, IBM Design Principal and Creative Director for Digital Growth & Commerce

Time to rollup our sleeves and dig deeper

As expressed in the first part of this series from , Team Phoenix was tasked with an expansive problem to solve. With just a five week window to absorb, research, and produce a high-fidelity solution, they were presented with the challenge of designing “a delightful B2B website while maintaining consistency and coherence in 40 million pages owned by various business units and teams across the globe, each with slightly different contexts and objectives, while also serve the corporate level missions.

In this post, learn how the Patternites and Digital Growth &…

Image Credit: Wonil Suh, IBM Design Principal and Creative Director for Digital Growth & Commerce

It started with a provocation

We all must be obsessed with continually delighting our clients. At every interaction, we must strive to offer them the best experience and value. The only way to lead in today’s ever-changing marketplace is to constantly innovate according to what our clients want and need.
- Arvind Krishna, first day as IBM CEO, April 6, 2020

This provocation sparked an idea that turned into a proposal for the IBM Design Patterns Program.

is our corporate flagship website and main channel for our customers across the entire portfolio and through all stages of their journeys. It is a place where…

Manhattan in early March 2020: Design team members from IBM Studios Astor attending the virtual Global IBM Design Town Hall

Surveying IBM’s DesignOps Landscape

DesignOps has emerged as a critical role in our industry that’s focused on fostering the conditions for successful design teams. As mentioned in “,” the formalized practice of DesignOps at IBM is still in its early stages with various levels of practice maturity across the business.

To further illuminate what DesignOps is at IBM, we asked a number of DesignOps practitioners from fully dedicated to part-time to share their experiences and tell us why DesignOps is valuable to their teams and IBM’s business.

Meet several IBM practitioners and learn more about their current DesignOps responsibilities…

IBMers from left — right: Doug Powell, Jenny Price, Edmund Chow, Kristine Berry, Brittanni Risher 2nd row: Johannes Höhmann, Charlotte Hill, Marko Thorhauer, Karen Masood, Ganesan Sundaram, Steve Ferruggia

IBM Design Community,

We now have more than 2,500 practicing designers working in literally every part of the IBM company. As the scale and complexity of our design teams and organizations has grown, it has required us to take a more sophisticated approach to how we operationalize design. We do this in order to make sure we are working in the most efficient and effective way possible, and are generating consistently great outcomes for our users and clients. …

DGC Design Team and IBM Studios Astor design members gathering together at the studio in New York Ctiy for the first time for a 2-day IBM Design Language workshop collaborative training with Mike Abbink.

Building a better design community.

The Digital Growth & Commerce (DGC) Design Culture & Community task force formed in January 2020 as a result of key pain-points, opportunities, and needs identified from Q3 ’19–Q1 ’20 to build a better design culture and community at IBM Studios Astor.

Needs and opportunities the task force addresses:

  • Educational and Skill-building: Developing ways to grow design skills, learn about other disciplines, and discover new ways of working
  • Business Strategy: Elevating the value and the practice of design, educating and collaborating with key stakeholders with a focus on the people, process, and practice
  • Career and Personal Growth: Supporting career developmental…

Jenny Price

Jenny Price is the DesignOps Lead for the Digital Growth & Commerce Team at IBM Studios Astor based in the heart of New York City.

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