The Freedom of Kindle Unlimited

For some authors, Amazon’s subscription service, Kindle Unlimited, is an evil beast that devalues our work; devalues, in the sense that it reduces the price people expect to pay to read a book. (Last I checked, Kindle Unlimited is $9.95 a month, sometimes less with a special deal — but it’s not available to Australian readers, which I am, which is really annoying).

It’s a debate that I can see both sides of. But I’ve settled on pragmatic acceptance of Kindle Unlimited. All of my self-published books are in it, unless they’re currently free on Instafreebie. I keep in mind the fact that Jeff Bezos is on record saying that he wants to drive down the price of books. Who am I to take on the might of Amazon? I’m a cowardly author who just wants to earn a living wage today and worry about tomorrow, tomorrow.

The unexpectedness of Kindle Unlimited is that it has removed some of my powerful reluctance to promote my books. I understand too well the punishing grip of budgets to want people to stretch themselves to buy my books. However, with Kindle Unlimited, if you’ve paid your $9.95 for the month, why not get full benefit from it and read all of my books? Now, that’s a message I can get behind.

What has been your experience of Kindle Unlimited as a reader or author?