Why did I name it “Dear White People?”
Justin Simien

This is so lengthy. After all, I support Black people and I’m concerned about their future in America when racists have emerged rapidly nowadays.

Tonight I watch a movie named “Hairspray” and there is a lyric in a song that:


I can’t see

Why people look at me

And only see the color of my face

And then there’s those

That try to help, god knows

But always have to put me in my place

but i won’t ask you to be color blind

‘Cause if you pick the fruit

Then girl, you’re sure to find…

The blacker the berry

The sweeter the juice

I could say it ain’t so

But darlin’, what’s the use?

The darker the chocolate

The richer the taste

And that’s where it’s at…

… now baby run and tell that!!”

The movie closed in a happy ending, I believe your guys can make your own blissful ones!

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