Entry 1

I am trapped. Trapped in this room. I have no way of getting out. The walls look like they go on for miles, but sometimes I feel like they’re closing in on me.

I am alone. There is no one here to keep me company. There’s also nothing to do here that’s worth while. Unless you want to walk around the room. Or try to find a way out. Believe me I’ve tried. For a whole month straight I’ve tried to find something, anything, in this everlasting room that could help me get out. All I found was the way They must’ve put me in: through the hatch. Except there’s one tiny detail. The roof is about 50 ft. above me. And the walls are as smooth as silk. The year is 3011. Yep, people are smarter nowadays. No way would they keep you in a room full of junk. You might find a way out, duh.

Luckily, I had my journal and a pencil with me when it happened. Yeah, yeah, I still write on paper, so what? It was smarter than bringing a phone or computer because once They caught you, They immediately put you in The Magnet Room, where anything you had that was medal would disappear forever. In my opinion, it could not have been a better decision to carry my journal with me because at least I have something to do after I’ve given up on everything else. But I only have so much lead in this pencil. And believe me, I’ve got lots to tell you. To whoever’s reading this, I hope, with all my heart and soul, that you’re safe from Them. And if They are reading this, well, I hope I’m not alive then.