Entry 5

After we woke up, I saw a vague glimpse of my family for the last time. I struggled against the strong force that was pulling me away from them. I was crying and screaming and kicking as hard as I could. But it did not faze the person pulling me at all. They took me to a room which looked like the dentist. They sat me down and blacked me out again. After I woke up again, I couldn’t take it. I broke down. I had no clue what was going on? Where did They take my family? Who else did They take? What was going to happen to us? Will I ever see my family again? My frustration didn’t seem to matter to Them. I then found myself in a room full of millions, no, billions, of people. I was overwhelmed, frantically searching for my family. But there was too many people. I wondered what in the world was going on. Then I wondered if we were still even on Earth. Finally, a person in a space suit answered all of our questions. Well, not all of them. He just explained what would happen to us.

Well now here we are, about 2 1/2 years later still in the same room, doing mostly the same things everyday. Still no sign of my family, still no sign of getting out of here. No answers to my questions. I should be out in the world. Living. Yet, I’m stuck in this endless room, with an endless time limit. With these unknown people who are taking advantage of me. Well you know what, I will not stand for this. No, not anymore. There must be someway to get out of this dreadful place. There must be someway to escape. Someway that I can be with my family again. Someway that I can go back to Earth. Someway I can live my life the way Im supposed to. And you know what? I’m gonna find a way how.

Also, if You are reading this, be ready. Cause I’m positive that I will be the first of my generation to find a way out of your stupid little hands.

-sincerely, serena