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(I should say that I’m currently dating a possible non-offending non-exclusive pedophile)

Thank you for responding!

Im now so curious for more questions in general if I may, and please excuse any ignorance on my part. I’ll try to keep the questions short.

When you say even though your boys would be the type you would normally find attractive, are there many boys in the same age range, that you would not find attractive at all, just like how there are many men I don’t find attractive on a daily? It can’t be (even roughly) the same amount? ..Although, there’s also quite a big difference in selection preference amongst men and women (such as myself) as well. Some men can find vast majority of women more sexually attractive than a women’s selection of choice. And as a pedophile man, the main preference being the age, it’s quite different. The selection in terms of looks, may be lessened (compared to age preference) than a man into a woman? (Sorry I feel like a school girl questioning their girlfriend’s love life, but I’m truly not only worried dating a possible NOP, but also a curious person in general on this topic).

Going back to my question in my previous post, in a more elaborative manner, although you’re exposed to your boys 24/7, presuming they’re/were in the age group of your general preference and type, you had to put zero effort in fighting temptations, is that right? If not, if you could share what you did and prepared in order for you to only see them as a father with no sexual thoughts? Please do share if you did at any point and what you did about it.

Ps. I truly hope someday this world will be more understanding that no one chose to be a pedophile, just like I am starting to better understand, since recently. I hope more time is spent in more research being implemented to help, rather than accusing.