The Call for Quiet Tribe

Let’s hold space instead of always filling it.

Life in a densely populated urban environment affords you dangerously close proximity to the most incredible people, parks, produce, dining, entertainment, and shopping one could possibly imagine. If you can afford it.

These days, I tend to exist more in the people, parks, and produce categories. These days, I try to consume less and notice more.
These days, I aspire to slow down and make space.

Slowing down and making space means you don’t always have to be “on.”
Slowing down and making space means taking a moment to pause between new meetings or commitments.
Slowing down and making space means asking yourself how you feel before immediately jumping into your next meeting or commitment.

Slowing down and making space means being a tiny bit more in touch with yourself.

Lately, everyone from Oprah to Arianna Huffington has capitalized on our fierce human desire to be more self-aware and calm. On the path towards purpose (or call it general contentment/overall peace), many of us devote sacred time and money exploring relationships, therapists, gatherings, self-help books, coaches, meditations, and programs to achieve more clarity about what this life is really all about. I know I have.

But what if the point of life isn’t to find your purpose?
What if it’s to live with purpose?

The truth is, deep down you already have an inkling about what you really want. You’re familiar with your dreams (even if they’re a tiny bit repressed). You have a sense of the things that move you, the skills you want to develop, the books you wish you read, the trips you want to plan, the blog posts you want to write, the hobbies you wish were careers. You might even know the kind of impact you’d like to have. But very often, we get so overwhelmed by the sense of possibility that we never even show up to get started. We’re afraid of what we’re capable of achieving. In revolt, we fill our schedules with social, career, and familial obligations to distract us from what we really want. We don’t slow down and make space.

Living with purpose means showing up to acknowledge your dreams, even if it’s only for one hour a week. It means giving yourself a chance to indulge your creative curiosities. It doesn’t mean quitting your day job impulsively but instead pacing the way in which you explore your passions.

Living with purpose requires showing up.

But you don’t have to show up alone. What if we worked towards our dreams in the presence of others who cared deeply about making a dent in the universe, too? What if we inverted social norms for the sake of living our dreams, alone but together?

This is your Quiet Tribe.

Your Quiet Tribe is not one more obligation on your schedule —
it’s designated time and space devoted to your intellectual growth.

Your Quiet Tribe is not a place to pitch polished talking points —
it’s a gathering that encourages draft form.

Your Quiet Tribe is a group of ambitious dreamers who know that “getting to work” is the hardest part of accomplishing our dreams. But it’s the only thing that works.

Your Quiet Tribe embraces silence as a form of intimacy — holding space instead of always filling it.

Your Quiet Tribe holds you accountable to your dreams.

Your Quiet Tribe permits you to be brave.

Part 2 of this post is available here.

Jenny Feinberg moved to San Francisco six years ago to pursue her dreams.
She is currently building creative workspaces for compassionate dreamers who seek encouragement, honest feedback, and accountability.
Learn more about our Quiet Tribe at

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