The human body is a miraculous crazy piece of…craziness.

I’m definitely a partial hypochondriac, I know. Whenever something hurts I overreact, and it’s mostly out of fear because I do NOT want to go through that again. Well right now, my lats and my serratus anterior are SO SORE. And all the muscles in my armpit. And it’s definitely because I’ve been studying a lot these past few days and not focusing on my posture.

I thought for the longest time that sore neck muscles and a sore upper back and headaches from muscle tightness were because… I had sore neck muscles and a sore upper back. But what’s crazy is that it’s so often not just that!! The headaches I was getting was because my muscles in the FRONT of my body were hurting. My anterior neck muscles were shortened from poor posture, especially the SCM, scalenes, subclavius (don’t even get me started, oh my god). My pecs were tight, and muscles I just learned about 1.5 years ago (lats/serratus anterior) actually can contribute to poor posture!! Since they attach from the scapula and sort of hug the side/towards the front of your rib cage, if those shorten/tighten — then they pull your shoulder blades up/make you have the worst posture.

So I’m going to be thinking about that all night and tomorrow until I somewhat fix it…ooh, it’s gonna be a long week. Also, my right calf is all tingly and such and it’s just so irritating but it’s because I’m doing too many calf raises even though I have to do those to fix my plantar fasciitis. So it’s a conundrum and it’s overly irritating, but I’ve gotten through it before, right?

Oh and I’m pretty sure I’m getting slight carpal tunnel. I’m not always feeling the tingling, but my forearms are unbelievably tight from how much I’m typing/writing in order to study.

I’m pretty sure I’m required to sort of injure/make sore each joint in my body at some point in time, as a learning process for my future job. Hey, doing the rehab for it is definitely educational.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining, I just like to think out loud. I think I get it, this is all a part of life. I’m seeing these physical pains as challenges, learning experiences, and they definitely grow me each time. It’s just that I’ve been having a really good few months working out/getting stronger, but I think I got too excited about it all and forgot to keep up with the basics. So I’m still obsessed with kettlebells and I’ll stick with those and my anti-rotation/core stability work, but REHAB REHAB REHAB. Especially stretching/mobilizing areas and loading them right after, because that “mobility” you’re getting from myofasical release isn’t going to last nearly as long as you think. Maybe 10–15 mins max.

This will be one of the biggest weeks of my college career as I wait on a job position that could change my life FOREVER and take my board exam. And my stress-reliever will be my gym trips where I try to fix these annoying tightness and feel better!

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