Death is only the Beginning of a process that ends in Eternal Life

Here’s a short snap of a book I’m working on titled:


Death is one half of a transition, the other half is eternal life. A proper approach into the first half of the transition — be hyper vigilant during the process of the letting go of the body and the ego identity that is associated with it — will yield better result in completing the second half of the transition — step into eternal life. To fuck-up is to, alas! Die. Which is what happens 99.9999999999999% in our current reality. BUT! There is a .000000000001% chance that we all make it to where Jesus, Buddha and a whole team of immortals stand. It’s my choice to live in eternal life, of course, who wouldn’t?

What “eternal life” mean to me? To be alive in eternality. I don’t know what that looks like but I guess I’ll find out when I’m there. This much I now know:

Eternality is a mental state in which one lives on the facts of life. What are the facts of life? All of creation is one energy. Energy never dies, only changes form. As the form changes, life is created. There is no ending to life. Such are the facts of eternal life.

If the facts of eternal life is not fully gasped. One live life after life in delusion. Those lives are called reincarnations. In each incarnation, one has another chance to clearing the delusion of death and enter eternality. Reincarnation is a process most people has chosen to live life. In the delusional reality of endings and separations.

Death as the end to life, to me means, one identifies with the body and view the ending to that identity that is associate with the body to be the end of life. After the end (death) one realizes life actually continues but since death has already occurred, it’s too late. So, to be alive one must create another body, to live yet another life for another chance to fully gasps that one need not die. It’s a circular of misconceptions that leads to incarnations after incarnations. Circles of illusions of life. Circles of delusions.

To view death as the end is a lost of opportunity. At the same moment we drop our physical body and the particular ego identity that is associated with it, there is a golden opportunity to fully awaken and move on to eternal life in a higher dimension.

My choice is eternal life, of course, who wants to get lost in yet another incarnation of a delusional life? Delusions of life in the shadow illusions of deaths. I want to actually live in eternality where there is no death.

Olivia Bareham from Sacred Crossing teacher of a Death Midwifery Course beautifully wrote:

what it means to die, in fact elevates and crystalizes what it means to live.

I know my life shape my death therefor my death is shaping my life. Profound insight comes from unflinching investigation of the process of death itself. In learning more details about how others before me enter the grave I will gain more details in better living my life today and everyday till I enter the transition myself.

The book includes investigation into immortality practices of ancient Egyptians and Taoists and a collection of transitions that I have been privileged to personally witness. I’m guided by high dimensional spirits who has given me information through my intuition and imagination. I will share those direct transmissions. The book concludes with the scenes of a future in which eternal life is the norm instead of the exception.


I need Editing help and a publisher!