Why Indian Women Just Loves to Wear Kurtis?

Indian women look glistening in their traditional dresses and that attracts women across the world. The wraps and covers which they wear have amazing appeal and fabulous art work, which makes Indian dresses hard to resist.

But while having a close discussion with my friends in India, I witnessed that the dressing style have taken a change rather it has a taken a leap to retain both ethnicity and modern fashion.

We have seen the rise in a number of new dresses that have both ethnic look and modern appeal and one such is kurta. Yes, it is the new trend which has an Indianized western look. Women of today have started to embrace it in their daily lives. Whether it is their workplace or a day trip to Goa or may be attending a tea-party latest kurti designs are easily visible.

Why Indian women love to wear Kurtis?

Kurta has been in the fashion line for past few decades and it is one of the best choice in the women wardrobe. I was a little puzzled to find out some weird reason for different kurti designs becoming popular these days.

Let’s read on some exquisite ideas of Kurti being popular –

Designer Kurtis

A dress that is universally popular

When we browse loads of designer kurti online, it might make us amaze, why kurti and not salwar, if we like being ethnic. But Indian culture is liberal and conservative at the same time, we accept food, ideas, traditions and dresses whole-heartedly. So keeping this mind Kurti exhibit both traits of being ethnic and westernized.

While it is modern in its cut and style, but the look and feel are all ethnic. It is a popular dress among all age group of women. Even a middle-aged woman can sport a kurti with a due amount of confidence as a teenager. Wear it to party, college, office or in family function, Kurti is all chic.

Designer Kurtis

Where comfort meets fashion

While I was searching some popular kurti online in India, I found that all designers have kept one thing in mind while weaving their creations and it is definitely comfort. Yes, Kurtis are very comfortable to wear and not tight or crouched like those body hugging dresses. At the same time, you get a wide range of styles to choose that is suitable for different occasion. You won’t mind taking a nap or do some household chores dressed up in Kurti.

Designer Kurtis

A pocket-friendly dress

Kurtis are not heavy on the pocket. A comfy daily wear kurti may be available at the online stores at Rs. 200 and it can range up to Rs. 5000 for a silk sequined party-wear. So you have kurtis for every budget.

Designer Kurtis

Pair up with any accessories

One of the popular reason that I have come across while discussing with a few Indian friends of mine is that Kurti is one such outfit that is easy to accessorize. Depending on the sense of style, the cut of your kurti and the occasion you like to wear, it is possible to pair it with junk jewelry, may be gold or silver. You can also try chain belts and beaded belts to adorn your waistline. As for shoes you can pair it with ballets, sandals, stilettos or wedges.

When it comes to kurti four things are enough to define their bottom line — comfort, fashion, flexible and variety. What is your take on this?

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