Hi everyone.

I reached the milestone of thirty this year and am pretty happy with my life. I’ve got great parents who realised the importance of a good childhood and instilled a fantastic life ethic in my siblings and I (I have four — more about them later) My Dad’s favourite saying — ‘its not how far you get, its how fast your pedaling’ has had a lasting impression on me. I’ve got a job I enjoy and pays the bills. I’ve got a lovely daughter and fab husband to be (again more about them later) and aside from a few years counting the pennies when I split from my ex-husband, a relativity easily managed anxiety problem and a smallish case of post-natal depression I’ve never had a really hard time. Not in any real way.

I wanted to do something a bit special to mark my 30th but didnt really need anything so I decided to look outwards. What could I acheive for other people this year, how much money could I donate and what charities would I support?

I’m going to look at different charity each month, some national or internation and some local — donating what I can, hopefully inspiring you guys to do the same. Please pick your own charities or use mine — get involved with local events and join in.

I’ve still got some months free so if you would like me to feature a charity then get in touch and I’ll look into them.

September 2016 — to tie in with ‘waste less live more week’ and my new membership of the Green Party. I will be donating to Greenpeace.

October 2016 — Breast Cancer Awareness Month — Cancer Research

November 2016 — The royal British Legion and Help for Heroes

December 2016 — Operation Christmas box

January 2016 — Wateraid

Febuary 2016 -

March 2016 —

April 2016 —

May 2016 — NSPPC big board game day — NSPCC

June 2016 — World Refugee day — Calais Action, Acted and Save the Children.

July 2016 —

August 2016 — Mencap

So I’ve roped in my other half and we will be trying the 101 waste less live more challenges this month and donating the money that we save to Greenpeace.

Will post updates soon 😘 x

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