T-shape variations

2021 is here and we are all excited to set new goals to make 2021 more meaningful for us. While looking for tools to help me gain clarity into setting up 2021 goals, I discovered the “Growing your T” worksheet that our design colleagues at IBM created. The T structure was an easy way to understand how to grow my skills, and I enjoyed the time I spent on it. Below are some lessons you can take with you in hopes that this can prove a useful tool for you as well.

What does the “T” stand for?

The T stands for the T-shaped model, which…

The 100-day project self-portrait template I created with Adobe Illustrator.

Growing up in Asian culture, I learned that the pursuit of perfection in craftsmanship is an essential aspect of life’s purpose. If you cannot do well at one thing, then you will fail in everything. With that mindset, as a child, there was never any playtime, only practice time.

I remember one night when I was eight years old, and my mother was reviewing my math homework. Her feedback: I didn’t write my name on the cover of the math workbook nicely enough. In Taiwan, we write with traditional Chinese characters, and my name contains complex combinations of strokes in…

Jenny Hsiao Sanchez

Design Lead @IBM with strong Visual Design background. Enterprise Design Thinking Coach. Lifelong coffee and Japanese ramen lover.

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