In the last 3weeks I found myself doing a lot with APIs, here are some that I discovered that I wish I had time to do something with. Almost all of these are done by independent developers not by corporations and because of that most don't have the best documentation and some can be slow from time to time. But this list should be seen as an encouragement to build more cool stuff.

SuperHero API

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Sample GET request:

How quickly do you get the access token: Immediately



  • You can only request one character at a time. …

Spoilers: I choose the General Assembly

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As I started telling friends and colleagues that I am starting a Bootcamp a question that kept popping up are: which one are you going to and why GA?

I did the breakdown of Bootcamps a while back so the research I did to choose a Bootcamp was heavily influenced by the one I did in April. Also at around the same time, a friend whos opinion I trust was doing her due diligence on Bootcamps.


After the acquisition by WeWork Flatiron was not even on my radar. I have heard amazing things about the original school in America but I heard nothing about the UK version. Nothing good, nothing bad, and that is suspicious. Also, the only person who I have met who went through Flatiron was such a rare douchebag that thank you no thank you. …

This is a quick cheat sheet for commands to be used in the Terminal command line. Personally ‘..’ was my personal favourite discovery. Here is a link to a google sheet with these commands line hacks that you are welcome to add to your GDrive.

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Command: pwd
Example: pwd
What it means: Tells you what directory/folder you are in.

Command: cd
Example: cd Desktop/
What it means: Change directory. The command allows you to change the directory.

Command: cd ~
Example: cd ~
What it means: Change directory to home.

Command: cd ..
Example: cd ..


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