It’s been a bumpy (but awesome) ride… (+ some final updates on the web dash)

I once ran out of space completely after making a VM

So today my internship with the lovely people of OPW, Gnome foundation and oVirt will officially end ☹.

You can see my project here:

This was my first big project. And I am really happy with what I have achieved. I don’t think I would have believed that I could build this dashboard. To be honest, I’m just in my 1st year of studies as a computer science student. I was only taught the basics of C++ before begining this project. And with this opportunity, I am now confident with the web and Linux platforms☺

I was a bit slow through out the project as I would get stuck a lot. Often I didn’t know how to go on and faced some difficulties. I had troubles with CORS, with code complexity and with some permissions for the API…

I guess the time when I really felt like I had improved was when I went to change my code completely with Reactjs.

Guess when I changed my code to start using React instead ;)

React really helped with the complexity. And I also became very attached to this framework. I went to the first React meet up in Hong Kong (also the first meet up I’ve ever been to) and met some great people ☺ I hope to use React in my future projects too.

I’ve also learned a bit about NodeJS but I’m not too good with it at the moment. So I hope to learn more about it so that I get better at it because I think it will come in handy.

I’ve had a lot of frustration at times because my hardware setup sometimes wasn’t good enough for oVirt ☹ I’ve made so many (and many of them didn’t work) virtual machines. But later I started to use which was really awesome (but for some reason, towards the start of the project, I couldn’t access cloudspin.) There was a lot of frustration towards the end of the project because of many reasons… 1. cloudspin was down, 2. my VMWare trial expired, 3. oVirt live 3.6 iso wasn’t working for me (3.6 has support for CORS) and 4. the proxy I made to deal with the CORS issue wasn’t working properly ☹

So the end of my project was a bit weak and I feel bad for that because I could have done more. But I will continue working on this project ☺ I’m really happy with what I’ve built and I hope to build more on top of it so that it becomes more user-friendly and stronger. Hopefully oVirtDash will only get better as time goes on because I will be learning more technologies that I can implement on this project ☺

Some updates

Now I’ve got notifications working on my web dashboard ☺!

The blue alerts will come up every time something happens (or every time there is a new event.) Later, the two notifications (refreshed and connected to oVirt) will be gone as they are not real events and are just there for testing reasons so that I can see how they look like. The notifications aren’t as smooth as I want them to be. Right now they just appear and then stay there for a few seconds before just dissapearing. But I think for the time being, they look ok.

Previously I had to download all events. That was because I didn’t have the permission to download events from a certain event id number since I was using another service to run oVirt. But soon I’ll go back to my previous set up which involves VMs on my laptop so that I have more freedom to look around things.

What’s next?

Well right now there aren’t that many plans. Later this month, my university will be hosting a Hackathon so I’ll see how that goes ☺ I’ve read a lot about those here on Medium but never been to one. So that’ll be the first Hackathon I’ll go to!

I’ll also be doing some more web development for a university group I’ve joined which builds software and hardware for Cambodian mobile clinics. So I’m excited for that too.

Oh and I’ll definitely try out for some projects on Google Summer of Code 2015 ☺

Then after summer, I’ll be going to Sweden for exchange ☺!