Emojigeddon: What The World’s First Emojicon Was Really Like

Love them or hate them emojis are part of the modern day vernacular and Emojicon’s existence proves that. Emojigeddon LLC is currently hosting the world’s first emoji conference right here in San Francisco. The room was full with an estimated 300 attendees. Here’s an inside look at the kick off party for Emojicon:

I have heart eyes for Emojicon
Packed Covo with Emojicon Attendees
Get your emoji on with the Emojicon logos

Get Your Emoji Nom On

Emojicon delivered on the snack with only emoji shaped food including: Poo cupcakes, cool emoji cookies, Panda Express, cheeseburger, tacos from Taco Bell’s emoji taco truck, pears, rice balls, and of course pizza.

Snaps For That

Great use of the Emojicon logo as a Snapchat filter. I noticed a higher level of attendees taking photos and sending snaps than at other events. Could be because emoji loving folks are keyed into photos and snaps or that emojis IRL are so amazing they require photos.

Emojicon Weekend

Emojicon is more than the Friday night party. This weekend you can attend an emoji film festival, emoji art, attend emoji talks on diversity and what is next for emojis. Tickets range from $10 - $500, get yours here.

You can also check out the emoji hackathon with a guy working on emoji holographs:

Emoji holographs

Emoji and Society

Perhaps we are regressing back to hieroglyphs or we are advancing society’s speed of communication by encapsulating emotions in one icon?

Do Emoji = Hieroglyphs?

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