Real Estate School is getting more difficult. I’m getting nervous because I want to be #1 in my class and there are several stars among the other 60 people. Several already know where they are going to work, and on what day they will start. Several seem to know the overall real estate business really well. And let’s face it, I’m a waitress who barely graduated high school and I’m not exactly Miss Manners.

I went to lunch with three other girls. One of them drove, she has a beautiful Audi and she knows the other two girls. I was invited because I happened to be there when they were leaving. These girls with their beautiful handbags, perfect makeup, perfect hair, perfect eyebrows, great clothes, are out of my league. But the biggest problem is they are so self-confident and I’m not. Anyone can see that, especially people interviewing agents for a listing. And they pull up in their great cars and I pull up in my junker.

Damn, I want this to work. For me, for my kid, I’ve got to make it work. Today was a dose of reality. All I’ve got is my drive and determination and today I don’t have that.

If you are reading this journal, thank you. Nice to know I’m not alone but I sure feel all alone today.