The more I think about my new career as a realtor, the more I think it’s a numbers game. When I was waitressing, I could estimate almost exactly how much I would make in tips.

There were times when I was way off, like when a tour bus unloaded about 50 people at once. God knows why they picked our place. I looked up and saw a crowd at the front desk waiting to be seated. I called out to the cook (“We’ve just been slammed. What do you want me to “recommend as our feature of the day” — that is push what we have a lot of that can cook quickly.) And I yelled at the busboy to get ready and to everyone else to help.

I banged a water glass with a spoon and announced to the group that they could seat themselves and that our feature today was meat loaf — the cook’s speciality — and that we could move things along if as many as possible ordered it, and let us handle the vegetables. Almost everyone ordered meatloaf, we got them in and out quickly as each tab was identical and a catastrophe was avoided.

So that was a time I couldn’t plan my tips but usually I can. In real estate, I’m estimating that if I reach — put a card in their hand or talk to them — 100 per day, I’ll be ok. I’ve got some great ideas, it’s all about finding a lot of people for face to face meetings. More to come

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