Rookie Realtor DFW:

Interviewed with Peter Morris, the manager of Tower Realty in Plano on Wednesday, Christmas eve. They go for group interviews so there were seven new agents. First of all, the building is beautiful and the meeting room was to die for. Great view and really cool tech which Morris ran with his iPad. So their claim to fame is paperless transactions (you are given an iPad and pay it back out of commissions) and lots of training and a buddy system so that you work with a senior agent for at lease three months. They claim to be the technology leaders with “1 button to fill in all forms” and an app for customers to download when they see a Tower Realty listing sign. And then, the listing agent can see every web site that the possible client visits, which sounds creepy to me.

Anyway, Morris is trying for a group sale, to get us all to sign up together, at the same time. I asked if the buddy agent got paid to help us — yes, indeed, she is paid 30% of your earnings, after the cut that goes to Tower. I asked how many agents worked there, Morris said they were a medium sized agency and growing fast. “That’s why we have this beautiful building.” I asked again, “So how many agents work here?” and he answered, “seventy five.” After a few more questions, he asked us all to sign up. A few ladies picked up a pen and I jumped in, “One more thing, can we tour the office to see where we will work.” One of the ladies, said, “Good idea.” Morris’s face showed that he didn’t want to do that, so I got up and said, “Is it this way?” and everyone followed me. He took us down the elevator to the second floor and opened the door to a tiny office — it was his office and a bullpen for about 6 people. I smiled and asked, “So, do the seventy-five agents take 2 hour turns in a cube?” Morris looked down and everyone followed me out.

This uneducated waitress trying to be a rookie realtor has learned when someone is not telling the truth. I worked my ass off to get good tips, it was the difference in whether or not I could pay the rent. I learned to be a good actress so I knew immediately that Morris is a bad actor. On to another interview on Monday. And yeah, I’ll probably take a shift at the diner over the weekend. I need to make money.