Rookie Realtor DFW

Just got back from a 10 to 9 Saturday at the diner. Ten hours on my feet used to be easy; either I’m getting older, or out of shape, but at 9:00 I was exhausted, and leaning on the counter. I made $152.15 and it’s all going to repair my Toyota, which needs a water pump. I hated missing my son today; my mom brought him over and we had dinner. I started my marketing, telling every customer that I’m going to start selling houses. One customer said her sister may be selling in the spring, I asked if she was working with a realtor, she didn’t think so, and I took her number and asked if I could call her sister on Monday. The customer said,”Sure.” I asked if 9:00 am would be OK. The customer said “Sure” again. And so I got my first hot lead.

Today reminds me why I’m going to do whatever it takes to make $60,000 in my first year as a waitress.

Rookie Realtor DFW

On New Year’s eve afternoon, I met with Albright Realty, which offers a 100% commission program. Sounds great. But the facts are that I pay $299 for each sale I make and $100 each month for the office space and training. I asked to see the training binder, it was about 20 computer slides. The manager, Missy Farrell, was obviously not impressed by my background. And I had the feeling that she was not impressed by my jeans outfit for the interview. She lost interest in me and didn’t even ask if I wanted to work there. Fine. Add her to the growing list of Dallas real estate offices that don’t want me to work for them. I can’t wait to show them they were wrong about me.