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Author and visual artist at Future archivist. Grad school student.

This Is Us

After a childhood (and adulthood) spent wondering why I never quite fit in, I finally understand myself

Self-portrait two days after being diagnosed autistic

Image courtesy of solarseven/

Photo by Volkan Olmez on Unsplash

A picture I took of myself after returning from the psychiatric hospital following a suicidal episode in 2010

1992 — Me and my grandmother, or as I knew her, Nanny (1930–2016)

So much self-blame can be avoided by really understanding how the brain copes

Photo: Sydney Sims/Unsplash

A self-portrait I drew after finding out I was going to be homeless, jobless and broke

Lived Through This

After years of abuse and no support, I had reached my limit

A photo taken at my 11th birthday party where I was the only attendee, the summer before I suffered abuse at the hands of my teacher. Photo courtesy of author.

Jenny Lee Corvo

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