But the weak point was always the mythology of superiority and strength.
Why Punching Nazis Is Not Only Ethical, But Imperative
Katherine Cross

I’ve said this many times and will probably say it many more times, but those who talk loudly about how they’re not PC and they tell it like it is and don’t care what people think, will invariably be the thinnest-skinned mothereffers when it comes to criticism.

It’s all the posturing of deeply insecure whiners; if they were really that secure in themselves and what they believe in, they wouldn’t have to constantly assert how strong and tough they are. People who are strong and tough, don’t feel a need to assert it; they know they are and go from there.

And given how much they label their opponents as whiners and special snowflakes, even though they throw way more hissies over criticism, it is always about projection on the Right. Maybe it’s comforting for them to believe that everyone is as horrible as they are, but it sucks for everyone else.