I’ve Lost Control, But Here Are Some Amazing YouTube Videos I Found While Researching My Dog’s Halloween Costume

I had a good morning on the good side of the internet. You know, the one with wholesome memes and an abundance of wacky animal videos.

It started with a search for a red puffy vest to complete the modest, but accurate Marty McFly costume I’m assembling for my dog. He happens to be named Marty McFly and it’s his first Halloween and I’m insane, so accuracy is particularly important.

My keep-it-simple-don’t-go-nuts approach was officially abandoned after I stumbled on a hoverboard prop and a Marty McFly wig on the same site I purchased a Doc Brown wig for Marty’s father. A couple minutes into gloating about my A+ Dog Mom costume planning, I got to thinking, “How the heck am I gonna get Marty to wear this wig long enough to demolish the rest of the competition at The Great PUPkin Dog Costume Contest?!”

That’s when I found this very sincere video with tips for getting your dog to wear a wig. An oddly sincere YouTube video is a great enough gift on its own, but thanks to YouTube’s helpful video recommendations it’s often just the beginning. Here’s a dog wig montage with very odd music. And another video with odd music, but this time it’s a montage of dogs in bathing suits. And one more.

On top of this new found wealth of low key, odd animal videos, the site I purchased from has this wacky confirmation video with a puppet. I probably would have lost my shit if it had an ounce of personalization to it, but since it didn’t, it got me thinking that my new consulting dream gig is to work for HalloweenCostumes.com each October. First on my to-do list: an automated Twitter feed that lists the individual items from each new purchase on their site to anonymously expose the ridiculous purchases they’re enabling.

If anyone knows someone at HalloweenCostumes.com, please send them my way and regardless of your connections, please keep Marty in your thoughts. We have a lot of packages on the way.

Layer One of Marty’s Marty McFly Costume
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