Good for you for sharing, for having a heappy, well-adjusted baby, and for your wife for wending the enormous transition to full-time mommying. Becoming a parent can trigger so much stuff, from the past and not, that even the easiest, smoothest baby doesn't guarantee overwhelming emotions won't come into play…

I agree that your gut is a powerful barometer. I can add that at this age--and certainly at 4--excessive interest in/focus on sexuality (you're right that some can be "normal," even when very young) is tied to the child having been over-stimulated and exposed to sexual content, whether in the…

I'm slowly coming to terms with many of these exact dynamics in the ways my MIL treated my hubby as a child. They've been estranged three separate times in his life, adding up to more years apart than together, and she has no relationship with our children. She just reeled him in for another correspondance--he will not see her at this point--kicking off an email with this tantalizing lure: "I think I can finally see what you are feeling." Yet the exchange came to a screeching halt when she ultimately revealed her unchanged colors, how everything's always about her, what can she get from him, his feelings aren't valid, don't even exist. My heart hurts for him--and for us, having to try to soldier our way through her muck. There is no darker entity than a parent who cares more for her- or himself than her or his child.

My new book comes out next week

Photo by Simon Matzinger from Pexels

Up till now I’ve written on Medium about writing. And I’ve written about my journey to my first (unpublished) manuscript, and to getting my first agent.

But I haven’t gotten anywhere near up-to-date, what’s happening now in my career.

Because there are literally twenty years to get through.

I have…

Jenny Milchman

I write about getting published, the long road to a dream, and sometimes a few dark psychological places.

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