Outlook: ever wondered what those buttons are for?

You open it every day, you hate that it has almost no themes, and you‘re under utilizing it. Take 4 minutes and learn what everyone thinks you already know about your Outlook Home Tab.

Mail Home Tab Tricks

Delete Options

Ignore: Lets you move current and future conversations to the trash. If the whole office is on CC and keeps “replying all” to the cutest panda video it’s probably time to use this button.

Clean Up: Super valuable, especially if you’re just monitoring a thread. This will keep only the most recent version of a conversation, the rest move the trash. You can clean up a single conversation, whole folder, or all folders. ★ Great for coming back from vacation.★

Junk: put that spam where it belongs


Meeting: Need to meet with someone about an email they just sent you? Click this button and the body of the email automatically becomes the body of the calendar invite. Ta Da! Now you can fight about it in person.

More: The default action when you click this button is to forward as an attachment. This will start a new email thread and add the email you've highlighted as an attachment.

Quick Steps

You can customize this a lot, but right off you have a few helpful options to choose from.

Move to: ? The first time you use this feature it will ask you to identify a folder you want to move emails to.

To Manager: You can designate your manager and with one click forward emails right to her. The first time you use this feature you will get a First Time Setup pop-up, similar to the one above, asking you to provide an email address and name for your manager. In some cases your company may have already done this for you.

★ Don’t be limited by the term “manager” if there’s a person you frequently collaborate with (maybe your business partner) set it up with this person’s info.★

Team Email: Same as above, you will have to designate who is in your team the first time you use it. If you’re not leveraging email aliases or group email addresses this is an easy way to contact everyone at once.

Reply and Delete: I use this all the time. If someone needs answer from you, and you don’t need to save the conversation, then be proactive about keeping your inbox clean and use this quick access button.


Move: This will let you select messages and move them easily out of your inbox. You can select other folder to move the messages into a subfolder, copy to folder if you want to send a copy of the email to a folder, but keep the original to your email. You can also set a rule to move all emails with the same subject line to a subfolder by selecting always move messages in This Conversation. ★ Sometimes this is a better option than “ignore”. ★

Rules: Rules are both fabulously helpful and tricky, so more on these later, but from the Home tab you have some quick rule options to get you started. The first thing you’ll see in the dropdown is always move messages from:_______, this is a shortcut to send all messages from a specific address to a folder. The next option, Create a Rule, will open a pop up with some quick options for you to set rules about the email you’ve selected.

This is also an easy way to access the Manage Rules & Alerts section. Like I said, rules & alerts really deserve their own special review, so stay tuned, but word to the wise: be careful here. If you set rules improperly you can miss important emails or turn your inbox into a hot mess in general.


Filter Email: You can find the most commonly used search filters quickly here. Filters include:

  • Unread
  • Has attachment
  • This week
  • Categorized
  • Flagged
  • Important
  • Sent to Me
  • More Filters (Opens the Search Tools tab and keeps it open until you close search)
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