How could you want a man so heartless

you try to hide your thoughts of him from him

you try to love silently in hopes that he won’t notice

But he smells the desperate emerging under your skin

as he undresses you and pulls you closer

You devote your self to him

You taste the lust in his mouth

His erge for destruction arises and you embrace it.

You know he doesn’t want you

But you bury that thought with your ignorance

how could you be so blinded?

He doesn’t love you like you love yourself

You can’t seem to decline his calls

You say your gonna leave, yet you find yourself aching for him

he knows he has you in the palm of his hands

and you see no man above him.

He wraps his lies around you and makes you stay.

And now your in love, so deeply in love

You tell him you love him, you get silence in return

He leaves and doesn’t look back.

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