Easy Tricks To Install Slate Roofs Perfectly

It requires a certain set of skills and knowledge to carry out installation of slate roofs. However, there are certain tricks that you must follow to avoid the common mistakes that occur during slate roofing Sydney. Here are the practices that you must adopt to eliminate any error during the roofing part.

Avoid walking on slates during the installation phase

Never try to walk on slates while the installation process commences. Always try to work off the roof scaffolds and roof ladders. This would prevent you from accidental slipping of slates.

Chalking the slate course

You need to install every single course along with the permanent chalk line through the roof surface. Also, you avoid chalking on slates through themselves. Remember, the line basically marks top edges of slates. Take measurement properly as to from where the line must be drawn through the bottom of the roof. This would ensure consistency and accuracy. Avoid laying the slates without the inclusion of any chalk lines. This would result in losing the head-lap and ultimately ruin the area.

Focus strongly on the starter course

Never underestimate the importance of starter course. Installing it properly would ensure safe and prominent slate roofing Sydney. First, nail a copper or wooden shim/cant under bottom edge of starter course. It would help in tilting the starter course to ensure that it is perfectly angled with every other slate in position. Now get the starter course installed with slate back up and face down. Although every other slate is installed with face up, the starter course is installed with face down.

Slate Roofing Sydney

You must ensure that the installation of starter course and first course of the field slates at the same time. It would be improper to run the starter course prior to the first course. You need to correct the side laps and ensure that no nail hole in starter slates in joint between first course slates would cause any kind of leakage.

Side Slaps

Creating proper side slaps

You must ensure that proper side slaps are created. The combination should be such that lateral overlaps between first course of slates and side butts of starter slates. Also remember, side laps must be at least 8 cm.

Focusing on the head lap

You must ensure that each slate should overlap two courses below. Also ensure that you can install correct head lap. Proper head lapping ensures watertight roof. A bit of casual approach would result in roof leakage. In general, head lap for steeper sloped roofs and the ones with ratio of 8:12 must be 8 cm. However, if the roof comes with a low slope ratio, i.e. 6:12 or 4:12m, the head lap must be 10 cm.

Flashings must be installed with proper overlapping or else leakage would happen. Uphill flashing must lap on top of the downhill flashing. At the same time, corner flashings should be suitably soldered and folded to prevent any kind of leakage. Slate roofing Sydney may seem somewhat confusing but following these tips would ensure sure chances of success while you try to install one for your house.