Dear President Trump: Climate Change is Real, and We’ll Never Let You Forget It

Justice Democrats, the #ClimateMarch, and just how far Trump will go to hide the truth…

It has the makings of a dystopian novel plot point, except it actually happened. On April 28th, the day before President Trump’s 100th day in office, the Scott Pruitt-led Environmental Protection Agency issued a press release stating it was removing and reviewing certain content on its website.

This ‘review’ apparently meant that facts and science about climate change were immediately censored. It’s difficult to comprehend the USA censoring climate change science in 2017 — especially the very day before hundreds of thousands of people were set to march around the world for climate change awareness.

That’s right — Trump’s 100th day in office and the #ClimateMarch were both set for April 29th, something that seems to have gotten under his skin.

As of the time of this writing, the EPA’s acclaimed climate change website redirects to this page:

It may as well read, “Error: The reality of climate change not found under the current administration.”

Here’s how the page used to look, by the way:

After the shock wears off that they actually did this, it’s clear it shouldn’t surprise us after all. That the EPA’s climate change website has effectively been silenced fits into a pattern. We’re dealing with a president who has called climate change a “hoax” on multiple occasions. Including in this well-known tweet from 2012, where he attributed the so-called hoax to “the Chinese:”

This is insanity.

Climate change is real, and there’s no question about it. It’s a fact.

Sure, people might disagree on how to educate the public and exactly how to stop and reverse climate change. But to completely censor the science is, to put it mildly, extremely troubling.

President Trump is currently deciding whether the US will stay in the Paris Agreement — an agreement negotiated by 195 countries to combat global warming. What will he do, especially given the recent actions of Pruitt’s EPA?

It might surprise people to learn that in the past, Trump has signed letters and donated money in support of combating climate change. He’s more often declared that climate change is a hoax and scientists are in on it. The latter seems to be Trump’s actual, uneducated, opinion. It’s pretty safe to say he’ll continue to strip away protections against climate change, as he’s already started rolling back Obama-era regulations.

And so, we at Justice Democrats march.

And we resist. And we spread the truth, despite the Trump team’s attempts to distract with disinformation and #alternativefacts.

We will not allow the White House to bury the truth. Climate change is real, and we will fight back. Period.

We were proud to take part in the Climate Change March organized by the People’s Climate Movement. Justice Democrats were some of the 300,000 people in Washington DC and around the world who marched for climate change awareness and action.

Temperatures at the march in DC that day reached a sweltering 90 F, tying and breaking records for April 29th. We dripped with sweat and made frequent use of the water stations, but it didn’t matter because this march was urgent, important, and wonderful. Organized groups started gathering at around 10 am — and some even earlier — and marched through the afternoon.

Despite the ominous signals from the White House and Pruitt’s EPA, there was an optimistic vibe from marchers. People were excited, proud, defiant, jubilant, and armed with facts.

There were signs everywhere. Some with witty slogans and others serious and solemn. Some marchers had clearly spent hours meticulously working on their costumes and signs. Others (we’re looking at you and your file folder, Leonardo DiCaprio), had grabbed whatever they could find to jot down a quick message in support of the truth of climate change.

Every effort was wonderful, because we were all coming together.

There were groups of children dressed in costume and gripping signs, so earnestly hoping that the President, and his friends in self-interested industries, would finally admit the truth that was so obvious to even the youngest of them.

The children know: we’re doing bad things to the earth and the creatures on it, and we should stop.

Miss Frizzle was there, too, to remind us of what we learned in grade school:

People young and old, and from all walks of life, were proudly marching and taking a stand for what we all know is true.

Cenk Uygur, of Justice Democrats and The Young Turks, and several TYT employees and reporters were there. They’d joined up with Our Revolution to hold a climate change rally before the march.

Nomiki Konst and Jayar Jackson of TYT Network
Jayar Jackson and Jordan Chariton of TYT and TYT Politics
Cenk Uygur of TYT and Justice Democrats

Cenk Uygur, the founder of TYT and one of the founders of Justice Democrats, shared a special message to get Justice Democrats supporters even more fired up:

Whose house is it? OUR HOUSE! You better believe it.

Justice Democrats is dedicated to climate policies that are rooted in fact and science. Right now, many Republicans, especially EPA head Pruitt and President Trump, are creating climate-crushing policies and hiding truth and science.

We’re not going to stand for it — and neither are you. At Justice Democrats, we’re determined to help create the renewable energy revolution. We’re not going to sit around and let Trump and his cronies destroy the earth for profit.

Quite frankly, we don’t have time for that. Climate change isn’t just a danger for the future, it’s very much a danger for right now.

For example, NOAA has demonstrated that Arctic ice could melt completely within the next 20 years.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) believes temperatures on earth will rise between 2.5 and 10 degrees over the coming decades.

Sea levels will rise, there will be more droughts, we will have more severe weather-related incidents, such as hurricanes, there will be more heatwaves, more people will suffer and die— and the list goes on. That’s just the start of it. As humans, we are the cause of the acceleration and worsening of climate change.

Despite the denials of Trump and the GOP, the top experts on climate change that make up the IPCC have stated there’s more than a 95 percent probability that our activities as humans over recent decades have caused temperatures to rise on earth.

The fact that humans are causing this and that we are already seeing such devastating effects is depressing and shameful. That’s why we’re taking action. That’s why we marched in the Climate March in DC and elsewhere on April 29th.

The Justice Democrats platform is determined to facilitate the renewable energy revolution.

We must move away from fossil fuels and toward green, renewable energy. As a country, our goal should be to become the #1 sustainable energy force in the world.

We can stop and even reverse some of the effects of the warming of the planet. What the GOP doesn’t want you to know is that this will also lead to a boost in jobs and opportunities in the public and private sectors.

This is the only way forward. Climate change is real, and its impacts on our earth will become increasingly devastating. It’s why children, veterans, the elderly, celebrities, the wealthy, the marginalized, the poor and struggling, people of all races, and people of all backgrounds and political persuasions came together to march for climate change.

We will never stop fighting here at Justice Democrats. We’re going to primary climate change deniers. We’re going to continue to raise awareness. We’re going to start and join marches and rallies. We’re going to press those in power to acknowledge climate change and to take immediate steps to move to clean energy. We’re going to get candidates elected who understand the realities of climate change.

Whose house is it? Our house!

What can you do to help? Join and start marches in your area — show up. It matters. Make sure you’ve signed up for information from Justice Democrats so you’ll be the first to know what we’re doing to combat climate change and get those in power to pay attention.

Donate to Justice Democrats, today- Whether it’s $3 or $27, it matters. This is how we will organize, educate, and run Progressive candidates who will join you in saving the earth and fighting for all humans.

When we all come together, we will win. We will get people elected to Congress who don’t take donations from the fossil fuel industry. We need people-led funding, starting with you, to save the earth. Quite literally.

Share this article and others we write. Forward our emails and posts. Send people to our website. Retweet our tweets. You are part of this, and we need you.

Jenn Dize and the entire team at Justice Democrats

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