Chapter 5

Chapter assignment, pg. 143 (only part 1)

As a college student who is always on the go, I try to find news in the fastest way possible. I chose CNN to discuss. After analyzing the website, I noticed the voice is mostly effective. It is lacking professionalism in some sections but overall is concise. The tone is appropriate because the topics listed on CNN are short, objective, direct, and use active verbs. The features of the website that promote it’s success are the easy website layout features, video links, and clear cut navigation. The graphics help enhance and encourage the use of this website. They make it easy to click on pictures, and inquire more about issues. The hyperlinks are all successful and the layout is pleasing to the eye. It seems that much thought was given into the navigation of the website. The stories are listed vertically which allows the reader to place importance on whichever stories they deem important. The elements are graphical and navigational. Since it is a news site there is not much need for it to be metaphorical, but there are some spots on the site.The tone is pretty consistent throughout the webpage. The dimensions of the site include:

  • navigation: it could have less pictures and links
  • page layout: is clear but lots of red and blue images (political information).
  • consistency: pretty consistent but there should not be advertisements for television on this site.
  • tone and voice: very broad coverage but the tone is pretty consistent
  • writing quality: the writing is consistent and concise
  • site organization: the site is designed average, it has too many sections of videos, images, and texts grouped together.

Overall, the website is easy to navigate, but I prefer to get my news quickly from the emails from Skimm.