Remarkable without the fluff


Create a type face specific landing page to showcase the font Apercu.


Adobe Photoshop, Sketch



I first started off researching about the typeface that is Apercu. A·per·çu (ˌapərˈso͞o/) in French means ‘at a quick glance’.

Apercu Light

Much like the meaning of the word, the type face is very clear, simple, and to the point, making it easy to read at a quick glance.

Apercu is a grotesque san serif font created by a British design studio the Entente in 2010. It is offered in 4 different weights; Apercu Light, Apercu Regular, Apercu Medium, and Apercu Bold.

It is a very simple and clean font, but one that packs a punch. It is primarily used in packaging, magazine articles, and brand logos.

Industry Use

So clearly it is a font that is noticed, one with great importance in the message it sends.

Design Inception

Then came time to jot my thoughts down by creating a design inception. Quite a few thoughts were repeated, and I came to these conclusions.

design inception

Why?- Apercu is such a clean and simple font, yet it commands attention with it’s simplicity. So I wanted to elevate that, and decided on the theme of ‘Remarkable without the fluff. (This was where the branding part of me kicked in, and wanted to have a catchy slogan.)

The theme led me to the idea of incorporating nature because nature is the most remarkable gift we share, it is timeless and always there. Nature is remarkable without the fluff.

Mood- The mood came quite easily after identifying the why. Apercu is very simple, fresh, and it is impactful. I wanted the landing page to have these elements and

mood board

The Mood board was created with the visual language in mind.

Colour- I wanted to incorporate green as part of the nature theme, with different shades of gold as the accent. This colour palette is timeless with the green, and trendy with the pops of gold. Gold adds a lot of up beat personality to the green, which can be very simple.

Shape- Again, as part of the nature theme, I wanted to incorporate different nature elements, namely leaves to be placed around the landing page.


Mid to high fidelity wireframes

Movement- I wanted to focus on the growth of nature, so the content in the landing page would continuously change from left to right, to centre. It was also important to have the transitions be continuous to mimic the growth in nature.

Space- I wanted the space to resemble the typeface and be simple, without fluff.

With the wireframe, what I really wanted the landing page to include were; the history, the layout of the font, different weights, offered, the mood Apercu evokes, the uses in the industry.

I had originally wanted to put pairings of Apercu with different fonts, but veto-ed the idea as it did not seem necessary.

I also wanted to add a lot of interactive elements on the landing page so that the designer/user would have an idea of how the font would benefit them. So there is a call to action button both at the top and bottom of the page to ‘download font’, a ‘learn more’ about Apercu’s history, and see how the font is used ‘in the field’. I also added the ‘plant something’ of your own (type something) element for the user to test out the font before purchasing.

Without further ado, I present to you, the landing page.

landing page


This project was an exciting challenge. It was really fun getting to see my ideas come to life on photoshop. Some challenges I had were with the mid fidelity sketches. It was difficult to imagine what the landing page would look like with just the mood board. I also found it difficult to not be swayed by material I saw during my research.

In the end, I am proud of the work that I was able to accomplish and excited for the next photoshop challenges.