On my Typography Inspiration List

These are 5 websites that are kicking some serious ass in their use of typography.

  1. Impero

Impero is a creative agency in London, one that clearly knows what they are doing. This is a classic example of typography stealing the show and having a stronger impact than an image. Tungsten is an effective font to use as it is simple and bold, perfect for attention grabbing headlines.

The contrast of white text on a black background captures the attention right away, and the witty text also doesn’t go unnoticed. The text exudes confidence and gives the reader reassurance that folks at Impero will make sure your brand is heard.

The text here again, is very clever, showcasing the agency’s work ethic in a simplistic way. The text is set on the right side of the page so that the focus is on the animated image on the left (a balloon bursting and revealing gold sparkles), but the bolded black type is not lost as the text is short and simple.


2. Jagermeister

Jagermeister has used visual hierarchy effectively by the user date of birth page be the dominant section of the page. This interactive element allows the website to filter out the users that are of age.

The website uses simple text all aligned to the left, which is where the eye movement naturally starts. The minimal text sends the message clearly without crowding the landing page with unnecessary text.


3. We ain’t plastic

We ain’t plastic is a single page landing page for a Creative Technologist & User Experience Engineer based in Berlin. Sometimes less is more. This website is a great example of creating a greater impact with less clutter.

The object that appears to be a boulder points to the heading of the website, guiding the eyes to look up. Even though the text size is small and very simple, the contrast of clean black font with the empty space adds to the minimalistic style of the website.


4. Ditto

Ditto is a virtual try-on and frame recommendation technology for eyewear retailers. The typography I wanted to focus is actually the next image.

This page has effectively used placement of the fonts to guide the users eyes down, listing out the different functions the website offer.


5. Dizal

Dizal is a manufacturing company specializing in design, production and marketing of digitally printed exterior building products. This website has effectively used an image of a bird’s eye to guide the eye to the text.