Part 1: The Start of the Journey.

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Paper-prototype from the IDF Course ‘Become a UX Designer from Scratch’

Yes, you read it right. In a time when many would be glad to still have a job, I am leaving a safe heaven to translate a long cherished wish into action.

Continue reading if…

  1. …you want to be inspired to pursue your dreams, be it becoming a UX Designer or something completely different.
  2. … you want an authentic impression of who I am. Maybe we’ll work together in the future?
  3. … you have set off for a transformational journey yourself, and have advice for me.


I learnt early on that I love looking at challenges from a holistic perspective. In my freshmen’s year all students had to visit a course called ‘Interdisciplinary Problem-Solving’. Each team got assigned a different topic (ours was ‘Management of a Tourism Destination’) and we learnt applying a very visual method to uncover the complexities of this topic, documented in ‘Die Praxis des ganzheitlichen Problemlösens’. …

Part 2: 3 months of being in Wonder-why-I-am-doing-this-land.

Half a year has passed since I wrote my first article on my career shift (“I quit my job during COVID-19 to become a UX Designer”). The last corporate workday at the middle of this year is fading away in my memory. Time really flies when you enjoy yourself!

Life is what happened, when I was busy comparing UX bootcamps. I ended up not taking any UX bootcamp. I instead decided to build up my experience through real projects and start my own venture.

This article is about why I took this decision, how it has been going and what advice I can share. …

A quick, not so dirty Design-Thinking-inspired attempt to solve a part of the Greek pipe blockage problem.

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Photo by Arthur Yeti on Unsplash

Before you turn away in disgust: don’t worry. I will make this a pleasant read. Inspite it is about toilet paper. There will even be pictures. No gross ones, promised. If I disappoint you — don’t just flush it — write me a comment.

I recently visited the beautiful country of Greece for the first time. I had the pleasure to be hosted not just anywhere: I stayed in the most central part of Athens. My Airbnb was right at the main shopping street, Ermou.

I should soon learn that this Airbnb had one reoccurring challenge: the toilet frequently gets clogged — with toilet paper — and run over. Upset guests call the host. The host gets upset as well. …


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