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Iconography Research & Documentation

Seeing iconography on a daily basis makes it almost invisible to me. I see the icons, and once I’ve learned their meaning, I don’t tend to pay attention to these icons on a conscious level. This week, I had to specifically pay attention to the signs, symbols and icons around me and really try to interpret what they represent.

This assignment brought me back to my childhood to think about what my earliest memories were of learning iconography. One of my first memories of this was when I was 5 years old. I fell in love with the Disney classic…

German Salt Museum, Luneburg, Germany (interactive Installation)

What is Information Architecture (IA)?

I’ve come across quite a number of definitions with a range of complexity, especially with concepts like ontology and taxonomy thrown in, and a lot of the time, the ones I’ve seen are mostly related to web design and interfaces, but quite simply, my favourite definition so far, is that “information architecture is the practice of deciding how to arrange the parts of something to be understandable.”[1] It’s bringing an order and clarity out of the chaos and complexity of information, to help people navigate and find the answers.

Think of a library, there are…

Task Analysis — Painting a Room Scenario (It’s harder than it seems!)

This week, I was given an assignment to analyze the task of painting a room, something that sounds very simple on the surface, but really involves quite a number of steps once you break things down.

First off, let’s define what is task analysis?

Task analysis is a step-by-step process of what a user does to accomplish a task, from their perspective.[1] Sometimes this can also be referred to as ‘user scenarios’. …

I’m sure we all know someone in our life that is completely clueless as to what UX (user experience) design is, and what UX designers do.

Or maybe that’s you?

UX design seems like such an overused and interchangeable term, usually mixed up with UI (user interface) design, so it’s no wonder people are so confused. Even I was confused for years and I was actually studying in the field!

So what is UX design? How does it differ from UI design?

The Disciplines of UX Design

UX design encompasses the entire experience, with an emotional and usability component, between a user and the product…

Jenny Vi

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