17 Quick Sandwich Ideas To Save Your Day!

There are days when laziness hits, right? And, among the daily obligations, cooking is not only behind washing the dishes. But, calm down, because you don’t have to rush to the food delivery apps. You can save and prepare something fast at home, yes! Like? With simple sandwich recipes.

Did you like the idea and don’t know which bread to choose or which filling matches? So, as always, take a look at the 9 sandwich recipes that will be a “hands on” on the lazy days. Check out!

Hot and delicious, how can you resist? The combination of tasty cottage cheese, a food rich in calcium, which strengthens and develops bones and teeth, and the very light turkey breast, make this sandwich an option with very few calories. Very easy to make, in just 30 minutes (plus the oven time), our suggestion can serve up to 6 servings.

Simple in name but great in flavor and nutrients. Made with gluten-free breads, it is suitable for celiac children, who cannot ingest the substance. In addition, it has fillings with highly flavoring ingredients and white cheeses, which sharpen the palate. Its preparation time is 20 minutes and, at our suggestion, it serves 4 servings.

From the beaches to your home. The traditional natural sandwich gains even more prominence when it is made with whole foods, especially bread, which in the case of the recipe is light oat bread. With that, it becomes a great source of dietary fiber, essential for the good development of the little ones body. In 30 minutes you can prepare 4 tasty portions.

Once your child experiences this explosion of flavors, they’ll never be the same again. It’s amazing how fruits can make a difference and go with almost anything in cooking. Avocado is so nutritionally powerful that it can even replace meat in the diet, due to its high concentration of proteins. In 20 minutes you can prepare this wonder, which yields up to 4 servings.

This is a recipe in which a ciabatta bread is filled with parma ham, tomato, basil and some spices. The ingredients used are few, but they are enough for a super tasty snack.

Preparing a homemade pate can be a great way to get out of the rut and have something ready for a few days when hunger strikes. This is an extremely simple recipe, but it will make your bread much more delicious.

How about knowing a healthy ham sandwich recipe? Here, the sausage is used as a filling for two slices of wholegrain bread and is even combined with lettuce and tomato. This is a light option to quench your hunger.

The suggestion of this recipe is to cover the bread with Portuguese or pepperoni sausage. In addition, other items also come into play to make your meal even more delicious, such as tomato puree, cucumber and various spices. The ingredient list isn’t the shortest, but the taste is so good it’s worth testing.

The suggestion of this recipe is to fill your slices of bread with cheese, cherry tomatoes, quail eggs and a little butter. It’s a simple order, but it can fill your day with flavor.

If you are looking for a healthy sandwich recipe, you should stop by for this recipe. Here, slices of wholegrain bread are stuffed with a white cream cheese and lettuce.

White cheese has a very mild flavor, which is why, in this recipe, the snack is enhanced with a touch of gorgonzola. The list of ingredients is super short, but the result is super tasty.

How about leaving the bread on the side and making room for the pita when preparing your snack? The main ingredients used for the filling are: parma ham, ricotta and fresh parsley, but some spices also come into play to make your meal even more delicious.

sandwichIf you love a creamy sandwich, you should stop by for this recipe. Here, you learn how to prepare a spinach cream that is used to spice up the filling that also includes cheese and turkey breast.

This is a super nutritious vegan sandwich option for your day. In addition to chickpeas, herbs and sauces are used to enhance the flavor of the snack. It’s a simple order, but very tasty.

How about using ciabatta bread to prepare a delicious snack? Here, the filling is made up of mayonnaise, zucchini, nectarine, white cheese, tomato, lettuce and seasoning. The preparation is very practical and the taste is incredible.

Have you ever thought of marinating zucchini to use as a bread filling? Here, this is not the only thing that happens, as other ingredients also come into play, such as goat cheese and pesto sauce.

This is a super basic recipe, but it serves very well to satisfy that hunger that hits during the afternoon. You only need to fill two slices of loaf of bread with cucumber and cream cheese! In just a few minutes you can have a delicious snack to enjoy.

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