Quest for Perfection

I was one of those women who was sure I would never consider myself a feminist. -Debora Spar

Day 4 in #101daysofwomen is another Ivy League White Woman. These were safe reads for me to play catch up with the movement, as I timidly come out of the feminist closet. Debora Spar is the president of Barnard where Sheryl Sandberg gave her commencement speech introducing Lean In. I kindly think of them as the coming of age Good Ol’ Girls Club.

In Wonder Women Spar hits on hookup culture, eating disorders, assault, pay inequity, and egg freezing. She celebrates the joys of career, love, motherhood, and marriage and admits the madness. Her assertion: a band of women feel that because we can do it all, we feel like we have to do it all. We must be Wonder Women.

I can relate. In Seattle, it’s not enough to eat organic, free-range eggs. You must raise a flock of hens in your backyard alongside your honeybee hive and hops for homebrewed beer. We ask less about where you went to school and what you do and more about what you did with your weekend. It’s not enough to go for a hike or a bike ride. How many times have you summited Rainier? We cycle not round the block but to Portland or Vancouver, BC.

We feminists playing catchup have the chance to make it into the movement and move away from the perfectionist trap. We can take up the cause and give pause. We can share our stories about our struggles and triumphs. And be gleeful when we see Lynda Carter in the audience of this historic Democratic National Convention.

Women of my generation and younger must revisit and resuscitate the political agenda laid out by our feminist forebears. — DS

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