How To Not Drink At The Office Christmas Party
Kristi Coulter

“Start as yourself.” What a terrific line. It reminds me of a Jimmy Buffett lyric: “Write your own ending and hope it comes true.”

I took away from this post that being yourself is terrific and why would you want to ruin yourself or dilute yourself with alcohol. Interesting perspective.

I am self-employed with the exception of a part-time gig. I am going to black tie event soon that is hosted by my employer. While I plan on having a few, I’ll endeavor to remember your advice about, “Your drunk self is not funnier, sexier, smarter, or more interesting than your sober one.”

Sage advice, especially when the “great idea” pops into my head after my third or fourth cocktail and I decide to amble up to the boss and share it with him.

Happy holidays and Merry Christmas, if applicable.


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