The kundalini is awake.

I can only tell you my story. Whether or not you choose to believe some of the “unbelievable” parts is completely up to you. It honestly doesn’t matter to me. I know my truth. It gets interesting, I promise!

I am interested in love, mythology, history, sex, nature, science, spirituality, art & design — reasons for being. Reasons for breathing. Reasons for living. I am open to all the world has to offer.

​The universe and our world is one infinite pattern, repeating itself into infinity. I know… Noooooo, I’m not stoned. haha Just ponder it all with me for a moment. Sometimes these patterns display themselves as beautiful intricate nature (a dragonflies wing) and sometimes these patterns are destructive (wars). And sometimes these patterns are beautiful intricate nature destructing itself to produce something so breathtaking that we don’t even have the words, but we are just in complete awe (an infinite number of galaxies and stars in the sky).

With my love of history, I will try to contextualize it all with what is currently happening in our beautiful existence. Everyday many, many things go through our heads. This is my effort to write it down and make sense of it all!

This blog is my infinite musings. Thank you for reading!

I also am a Creative Director of my own Graphic Design company, Studio Page Design:

and practice Reiki:

Some of the things that have happened to me may rattle some of you that are more attached to certain religions or beliefs. My hope is for you to stay open. And if you are not attached to a certain belief system — well then you will find my life, particularly the last few years pretty freakin’ fascinating.

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