A journey to self discovery-Lessons and insights from story telling


Forgive me for my ignorance or I should rather laugh at myself for what I perceived story telling to be. Guess what??? I thought story telling was all about “telling boring stories’. However, it proved to be something totally different..something totally interesting…something totally worth doing.

One of my new year’s resolutions was to discover myself. Yes, discovering myself. I realised that I don’t know my self well enough so I thought to embark on a journey of self discovery. Knowing Alista in and out. I am glad that the past week of story telling classes has helped me in this so called journey of mine. It has enabled me to have a deep introspection of myself.

Apart from honest self introspection, I have learnt a lot about vulnerability and how I can develop deeper connections with the things and people around me. Vulnerability is all about letting our true selves be seen and loving with our whole hearts even there is no guarantee of something in return. It is the ability to show gratitude and to believe that we are enough. Vulnerability indeed is the birthplace for joy, happiness and beauty(Brene Brown) However, in this process of being vulnerable, we have to set healthy boundaries.

Besides learning about the importance of vulnerability in story telling, I also got some insights on journaling. I learnt about a certain concept….the 3Rs. When journaling, you should first Record, Reflect and then finally Respond to what you have written. I have been using these tools in my diary and they have proved to be helpful indeed.

Honestly, story telling is very exciting. I am willing to learn more and expand my knowledge. I trust more is to come in the few days left.