How to Create Your Own Flash Briefing for Alexa, and Why You Want To

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If you are using Alexa in your home then I bet you are loving it as much as I am. And like me, I bet you aren’t using it for even half of the stuff it’s capable of doing.

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But guess what? You can use Amazon’s Alexa for your business!

Tech geniuses and long time members of my online classroom, The Front Row, Sean McKenna and Adam J Migacz , have just launched a platform called SoundUp that enables you to add your own Flash Briefings to Amazon Alexa. So basically, if someone adds that “skill” to their Alexa, anytime they ask for an update, they will hear your update.

Yes, this is great for podcasters, but really it’s great for anyone with a microphone and a message to share. The briefings cannot be longer than 10 minutes long.

Just for fun I recorded this one:

Anyone who has added the “Front Row Entrepreneur “ skill to their Alexa app will now get my weekly updates about social media/marketing/productivity/business.

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What sort of stuff could you turn into a Flash Briefing?

  • Life Coach/Health Coach/Biz Coach: Limitless tips/recipes
  • Financial Advisor: Investment tips/Tax changes
  • Professor: News about subject matter expertise
  • University: School news/ Team updates
  • Large company: Departmental updates

I will be developing ideas for ways to use this emerging (and here-to-stay) new platform and will keep you posted.

If you want to jump in right now, go here. Use code “frontrow” to receive $5 off each month for the life of your membership.

(Sean and Adam also offer complete setup for you at a very reasonable rate.)

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