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Seth Godin wrote a blog post today about the way EMI, Inc., has bullied me, and other entrepreneurs.

You see, somehow, Entrepreneur Inc. got the trademark for the word “entrepreneur” years ago and since then, they’ve been going after little guys, like me, and threatening to “take action”.

My podcast, “The Front Row Entrepreneur”, it seems, was infringing on their trademark. You know, much like how a speck of dust infringes on a mountain.

This has actually been going on for quite some time, but I haven’t talked about it because…lawyers.

And also, it’s just been exhausting, demoralizing, and oh so frustrating. …

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If you are using Alexa in your home then I bet you are loving it as much as I am. And like me, I bet you aren’t using it for even half of the stuff it’s capable of doing.


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