6 traits showing you’re a startup person

You wanna work in a startup? Here are 6 traits showing that you are a startup person.

My name is Jens and I’m CEO of a rapidly growing startup named KALA YOUR LIFE®. Due to my position I talk a lot with people that are dreaming of working in an environment that is totally different to usual companies. They are simply no longer interesting for the Millennial generation. Young Professionals require a purpose in their work and opportunities to develop themselves. It’s not only about earning as much money as possible anymore. But a startup environment does not simply mean leaving your tie at home or having a Playstation corner in your office. It is about an entire mindset.

If you ever thought about working for a startup instead of having an ordinary 9–5 job, here are six traits you definitely need to have

1. Don’t be afraid to fail.

Failing is always seen negatively in our society and especially at work. This is totally different for startups. People that are trying to avoid mistakes are most likely less innovative and less proactive. It hinders yourself in being creative and taking action. But startups need this kind of people. They don’t need working machines. If you are risk averse and you love routine then you better have a look at an ordinary company.

2. Take responsibility.

It’s important to work in teams, but most likely your responsibility will increase from project to project. Most startups are growing rapidly and therefore you will soon have the opportunity to lead a project team. If you don’t want to be responsible for an entire project, you are most likely not the right fit for a successful startup.

3. Think outside the box.

Customer of startup companies expect an individual and outstanding service and outcome. Therefore it is crucial for project teams to think outside the box. Ordinary minds will produce ordinary products. You don’t have to be Einstein or Da Vinci, but just because you are a rookie doesn’t mean you have to think like one.

4. Enjoy challenging yourself.

Most likely you won’t have a project that lasts for more than 3 months. That means you will face many different tasks and realities. Possibly you have to work in several fields and with people from all over the world. If you really wanna be successful in a startup environment you need to embrace your challenges and with this you will not only develop yourself but also deliver an outstanding amount and quality of work.

5. Get shit done.

It’s not possible to conceal oneself in a startup environment. Deadlines are shorter, Projects are faster. You need to be a maker and get your tasks done, because customers choose startups due to their efficiency and flexibility. You learning curve is much higher in a startup but to achieve you definitely have to be proactive and fast.

6. Believe in what you do.

Startups are driven by vision and commitment. If you consider to work for a startup company make sure you believe in the culture and vision of the entire company. Only by believing in the goals of a startup you will have the commitment to deliver the quality you need to have.