Thoughts in an Airport

If I act like this bag is too heavy, will that guy offer to hold it for a few minutes?

Security didn’t ask me to take off my shoes. What if I had something I shouldn’t in them?

If I asked that woman, would she switch seats with me at the bar so that I have a better view of the Yankee game?

How mad is that woman that I’m yelling at the Yankee game?

Should I order another beer?

Why do I believe that the guy sitting next to me will really watch my bags when I go to the bathroom? What would I do if I came out and everything was gone?

Why don’t people know how to walk efficiently?

Am I being a jerk by hogging this outlet when my phone is at 75%?

Is it worth it to pay for wifi?

Where is she going?

Where is he going?

Where are they going?

Is anyone wondering where I’m going?

Where am I going?