You Could Be the Anomaly

Photo by Samuel Zeller

I’m afraid of flying, and no amount of statistics will make me feel better.

You’re more likely to be struck by lightning than experience a plane crash.

Flying is safer than driving.

You’re more likely to be attacked by a shark than experience a plane crash.

I’ve heard it all, and none of it makes me not afraid of flying.


Because there are anomalies.

It isn’t likely, but it can still happen.

What if you’re the anomaly?

This first example is certainly depressing — no one wants to be the anomaly when it comes to a plane crash. But what about other things that have a slim chance of working out?

Having a book on the New York Times Bestseller List.
Carrying out a successful long distance relationship.
Owning a Michelin-starred restaurant.

What are the chances? One in a hundred? One in a thousand? One in a million?

But what if you are that one?

If it’s possible, it could be possible for you.

So try. Work. Make yourself the anomaly.